Monday, April 23, 2012

Insurance for Living has Joined B1G1

One of my biggest joys in life has always been contribution. And here at Insurance for Living, we’ve always believed that businesses have the power to change lives. 

That’s why we’ re very proud to let you know we’ve become a Partner with Buy1GIVE1 (or B1G1). It’s an amazing organisation which lets us align everything we do to giving back in the most impactful of ways.
Just as one simple example ? Whenever people take out a new policy with us, five ? yes 5 ? families in Kenya will each be getting a goat ? yes that's right ? a goat! And that goat will give them a sustainable income for life.
It costs you nothing. But it makes such a difference. It’s just a great feeling to be giving as you know.

And now, when you take out a policy, your family is well protected and another 5 families get sustained. We think it’s what being in business is about ? Changing lives.
We also encourage other businesses to join B1G1 and help raise funds today!
Thank you for playing a part in making it happen.

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